Most Singaporeans use their mobile phones to make online purchases

A new survey released by Meltwater and We Are Social found that 61% of Singaporeans aged 16 to 64 buy something online each week.

The survey also revealed that of those buying online at least once per week, 35.3% use their mobile phone to do so. Around 57.9% of Singaporeans also use their phones to make at least one of their purchases each week.

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According to the survey, the average full-year 2022 online revenue per e-commerce user is US$1,828.

Additionally, 29.0% of Singaporeans buy their groceries online. The 2022 average full-year revenue per user for groceries is US$574.

Aside from groceries, many Singaporeans also order food online each month, at 17.8%. This includes takeaway or delivery. For food delivery services, the annual online revenue for 2022 is US$204 per user.

Other products and services people buy online include health and fitness at 23%, mobility at 26.7%, and services and digital content at 59.2%.

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