Majority of Singaporean investors say ETFs offer more liquidity

Singapore. Investors currently holding ETFs say they benefited from improved portfolio performance, according to a survey from State Street Global Advisors.

The same survey also found that 81% of Singaporeans say ETFs made them better investors.

Whether or not they have ETFs in their portfolio, 66% of local investors agree that ETFs are an investor-friendly investment product, and 68% of investors say it diversified their portfolio better than other investment products.

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Not only that, but 58% of investors also agree that ETFs give them better liquidity amid rapid market changes. Moreover, 51% agree that ETFs have a lower expense ratio than mutual funds.

Around 59% of investors also think that ETFs mitigate risk better in volatile markets compared to other investments.

“The ETF industry has democratised investing, giving investors large and small access to institutional-grade solutions that offer efficient, cost-effective exposures to all corners of

the global investment market,” stated head of State Street Global Advisors’ Global SPDR ETF Business Rory Tobin.

“The ETF industry as a whole has demonstrated its resilience throughout major market events ranging from the burst of the late 1990s dot-com bubble to the global financial crisis of 2008 and, more recently, the extreme pandemic-era volatility,” he added.

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