Philippine government scraps performance bond requirement for domestic workers

The Philippine government scrapped the performance bond requirement for domestic workers, which ensured employers provided medical coverage and paid salaries on time.

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The performance bond requirement is on top of the S$5,000 security bond for non-Malaysian foreign domestic workers in Singapore that the Ministry requires of Manpower.

The move was confirmed by Philippine Secretary of Migrant Workers Maria Susana Ople during her meeting with Manpower Minister Tan See Leng. This came right after Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s two-day visit to Singapore.

According to Mr Tan, removing this requirement is proof of Singapore’s commitment to protecting foreign workers.

Singapore and Philippine leaders also solidified agreements in areas such as digital cooperation, urban development, data privacy, and healthcare, among others.

“We are home to a dynamic and thriving Filipino community of over 200,000 people. They form an important part of our diverse social fabric,” said President Halimah Yacob.

President Marcos said that Singapore’s economy presents an incredible opportunity for Filipinos who have chosen to live there.

“They are happy and content with their decision to come to Singapore to make their lives here. Singaporeans have been open and warm in their relations with our Filipino workers in Singapore, and for that, I thank the Singaporean Government and people,” he said.

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