Gojek launches point rewards

To treat their users, Gojek teamed up with DBS Bank and yuu Rewards Club for exclusive loyalty rewards and perks.

Gojek users for all service types, including vouchered and discounted trips, can get points when they pay using their DBS yuu card or a PAssion POSB debit card.

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For every S$1 spent on Gojek, users can earn up to 37 points or 18.5% cash rebates. Terms and conditions apply.

Meanwhile, PAssion POSB debit cardholders can earn 15 yuu points or 7.5% cash rebates for every S$1 spent on Gojek.

Users who complete their first transaction with Gojek using the aforementioned DBS and POSB cards will also be eligible for an additional S$18 and S$8 Gojek vouchers, respectively. This offer is for a limited time only.

To be eligible for the offer, log in to your yuu app and link it to your Gojek.

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