SIA expands perks for passengers

From 1 July, Singapore Airlines passengers travelling in premium economy and economy can access free unlimited WiFi on their flights. To enjoy this new perk, they must be a member of SIA’s rewards program KrisFlyer. Registration is free.

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SIA is now “the first airline to offer free unlimited WiFi to customers across all cabin classes and virtually across the entire aircraft fleet,” said a company spokesperson.

The airline currently has 136 passenger aircraft in its fleet. Around 95% of SIA’s fleet has inflight connectivity, except for the seven Boeing 737-800 planes which are older. These aircraft will be retired in the coming years.

Currently, KrisFlyer members in economy and premium economy can only enjoy two and three hours of free WiFi, respectively. However, passengers in suits, first, and business classes can enjoy unlimited WiFi, even those who are not KrisFlyer members. 

“With our onboard WiFi, our customers are able to stay in touch with their loved ones, post photos on their social media channels or keep updated on the latest news,” the SIA spokesperson said. 

“The inflight WiFi speed and experience might differ from the ground network, and is dependent on the number of concurrent users and the type of activity performed on a customer’s device.” 

SIA is planning to improve its offer for passengers. For example, all cabins in the new Boeing 777-9 planes will have better seats across all cabins in 2025. 

The airline is committed to continuing its operation even though a lot of airlines ceased operation due to a lack of demand. Not only that, but SIA also continues to honour customer refunds despite its hit on its cash reserves. 

 SIA recently announced a record annual profit of S$2.16 billion after three consecutive years of losses. Eligible employees may receive around 8 months bonus, said the airline. 

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